Who is Neumayr?

Neumayr is a family business with a long tradition in Eggenfelden and Landshut. The company Neumayr is known for more than 50 years as a steel and aluminium alloy company. In 1999 Walter Gürtner from Landshut took over the company. Walter Gürtner has made Neumayr to a successful national and international company.

In China, Canada and the USA exclusive villas are built with Neumayr facades. The primary market is still in Germany. Hospital, school buildings and office buildings are our primary projects.

Neumayr stands for costomer focus and the highest quality. This is the way to our next generation! Neumayr has a philosophy which is embossed from long-term goals.

Anders Wohnen und Leben

Anders Wohnen und Leben (AWuL) is our youngest project in our consolidated companies. With AWuL Neumayr wants to join the developer market. A Section of wealthy Chinese citizens should be provided with high-quality “residences’”. Furthermore AWuL is very successful in exporting home furnishings and products of all kind to China!

Neumayr USA

In 2016 Neumayr USA turned into a own GmbH. The increasing market in the US is too risky and needed to be transferd. Neumayr USA buys all services and is a pure distribution company! Anabel Gürtner is responsible for Neumayr USA. This is the first step in the next generation.

Neumayr Asia

Neumayr Asia manages the market in Asia. Neumayr HK LTD is a subsidiary company in Hong Kong which is responsible for the finance management of Neumayr Asia. Currently we create Neumayr Peking LTD in Bejing. This company will take care of sales and project handling in China. The place of business will be in our villa in Chateau Regalina.

Our Vision

The perfect vision of Neumayr has been deeply instilled in all the staff who are with high movitation, professional expertise, full commitment to the company and determination for continuous education and training.

In order to embrace new challenges, we are living on innovations. An excellent team of management has been built up with innovative spirit, which will be further carried forward to the next generation of management team.

To provide best services to the leading customers in the world, we need to provide the top-grade products at most reasonable prices. A most desirable marketing network has been set up to fulfill our life-time goals of satisfying our clients.

Our higest goal is to seek survival and sustainable development

From the original Vision- „KW 45″ to a complete set of business philosophy of our company, all that we cherish in terms of qulity and excellence serves as an important support for our development.
We have turned our dream into a reality at the weekend in 2004 when we made our annual plan-a complete curtain wall was initiated on Monday and completed on Friday with acceptance test.
Another weekend in 2008 when the annual plan for that year was made, witnessed the realizatin of our idea and subsequent the birth of this name.

Today, „KW 45″ means we are honoring our contract in terms of

  • Quality(Standard, engineering construction rules and laws, and mechanics)
  • Price (Reasonable for both manufactures and buyers)
  • Construction phase(with a fixed contracted construction project period)

It involves the large amount of investment in money, energy and time from the very begining to the end of the project.

Annual Plan

Annual plans constitute the milestones for the development of our company. As a marketing tool, the annual plans have acted as a major driving force for our company to be recognized. Each annual plan contains new power for innovations and refomraiton , without which we are not capable of being in a position where we are now in.