Annual target plan weekend of 2015 from 14 to 16.11.2014 in Cham

Neumayr 30 employees were arrived on Friday morning in the Parkhotel Cham to the adoption of targets for the year 2015. In 3 days the whole operating schedule to the European EFQM model was screened in order todevelop the best strategy for the coming years.

Karl Maier and Gerhard Wagner presented together how the project management has been implemented in the reality.

Karl Maier presented very clear how did a united team work together for several fields. Gerhard Wagner, who is responsible for the commercial affairs, pointed to the need that has to be fought for every Euro. He introduced in its present form in question of over years Neumayr Premium Partner system.

Tobias Falterer present how can we make in the foreground of the customer even more. Therefore it is extremely important to face first the question: what does our customer want? In a group works it found out quickly that there are different customers with different needs.

The aim of the Year will be to stock up with lucrative projects. We will continue to align the company in this goal.

Of course, the social aspect was not neglected, which is also mandatory for a company like Neumayr!

Tobias Falterer remarked in his closing words to the group:

Argentina has Messi, Brazil has Neymar and Portugal has Ronaldo. But Neumayr has a team!