Our heart beats in blue


“Many of our employees live and breathe the Neumayr philosophy. Quality, further training, perfection, discipline, adherence to schedule, and economic solutions – we want to inspire clients and work with them for a lifetime. That’s what we live for, and that’s why we’re champions.”

Walter Gürtner, CEO

KW 45

“KW 45” is the strategy that takes precedence over everything in our business! Quality, on time, and all at the best possible price!

Neumayr around the world

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We want to become the best in the industry in all concerns. To achieve that, we’re working hard, improving our skills, and developing the “Neumayr” brand. We are securing our market position and carrying the corporate group safely into the next generation, both nationally and internationally. Neumayr must continue to stay in family hands in future as well. Our headquarters remains at Eggenfelden in Rottal, Germany. Lower Bavarian fortitude and Christian values will guide us safely.

What’s special about us


With over 130 employees, we still produce “Made in Germany” quality ourselves. Even outside Germany, we have our products manufactured by long-term partners. Quality comes before profit, including when we award contracts abroad. Find out why you have found the right partner in Neumayr.

Our annual target planning

Neumayr’s biggest unique selling point is its annual target planning. With 300-400 targets a year and 60-70% implementation, we are achieving rapid growth. Neumayr is growing two or three times faster than the other market players. That makes us unique. When we look back at the last few years, we’re just so proud of what we have achieved.