A look at our companies

Neumayr has diverse operations and ensures highly qualified projects at its various locations. Together with our trained staff, we stand for high quality and excellent service!

Neumayr High Tech Fassaden GmbH

High Tech Fassaden GmbH is the linchpin of all of the companies. This is where the decisions are made and strategies set. All of the affiliated companies are independent, but they are attached to the parent company to a considerable degree.
The parent company operates three production sites in Eggenfelden, St. Georgen, and Nagold, Germany.

Neumayr Asia GmbH

The headquarters of Neumayr Asia lies in idyllic Oberuttlau, Germany, in the middle of the triangle formed by the spa towns of Bad Griesbach, Bad Füssing, and Bad Birnbach. But the commercial basis of Neumayr Asia was founded at our villa in Beijing, of course. Neumayr Hof in Oberuttlau is there to promote our international business as well. Hospitality plays an extremely important role in the Asian mentality. With its oasis of well-being at the golfing resort of Bad Griesbach, Neumayr is raising the bar for its future business in Asia.

Neumayr USA GmbH

Neumayr USA GmbH handled orders in North America for a partner operation in Canada for over 10 years. That business is currently on hold. From the middle of 2021 we will be getting back into the business again with new partners, and also incorporating what has been done there into our sales and marketing strategies.

Neumayr Montage GmbH

The quality of the assembly must be improved all-round. That starts with the planning and continues to the manner of production, all the way to complete and on-time delivery. In 2018, we decided to expand our assembly department by 30 of our own assembly operators and thereby improve the quality standards in assembly. Assembly is one of the most important elements in the project development because here the client sees what is happening on the construction site. Service will also be integrated in this new company.

Live differently

Neumayr Montage GmbH operates Neumayr’s commercial transactions and is domiciled in Landshut | Ergolding, Germany. This business domain, which includes kitchens, furniture, bathroom equipment, tiles, wooden flooring, and other exclusive building products, will have the biggest market opportunities in the future. The key to success is the personal contact to the client. Our presence in China and invitations to Uttlau form the foundation of our “Live differently” strategy.