Connected all over the world - Our locations


Eggenfelden, Germany

  • Head office: Eggenfelden

Size of premises: 30,000 m²
Shop floor: 4,000 m²
Office premises: 800 m²
Parking spaces: 120
Number of staff: 100

The heart of Neumayr beats in Eggenfelden. This is where all the important decisions are made today and tomorrow. Neumayr is and remains deeply rooted in Lower Bavaria.

St. Georgen, Germany

Size of premises: 21,000 m²
Shop floor: 4,000 m²
Office premises: 200m²
Number of staff: 25
Distance from Eggenfelden: 22 km

The St. Georgen works joined Neumayr in 2019. This location will be an important mainstay for Neumayr for our wood-aluminum window and wood-aluminum stick façade production. The future is green, so wood will have an advantage over aluminum in political debate. St. Georgen is a stroke of luck for Neumayr.

Haarbach - Oberuttlau, Germany

Size of premises: 7,000 m²
Office premises: 25m²
Number of staff: 5
Distance from Eggenfelden: 39 km

Neumayr Hof in Oberuttlau is the registered office of Neumayr Asia GmbH.
This is where primarily our Asian clients will be welcomed and looked after. The ties between client and supplier play a special role in Chinese culture. In addition to our villa in Beijing, Neumayr Hof is an essential component of our success in new markets.

Nagold, Germany

Size of premises: 3,000 m²
Shop floor: 2,000 m²
Office premises and show room: 200m²
Number of staff: 3
Distance from Eggenfelden: 369 km

The Nagold location is our new center of excellence for doors and gates. The GÜWA brand was purchased by Neumayr in February 2020 and stands for the highest quality when it comes to door panels. There are particularly markets for these products in Asia and the Arab countries. Nagold will become an important location for business with China.