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  • Christmas party at Gasthaus Reger in Taufkirchen on December 13, 2019

Christmas party at Gasthaus Reger in Taufkirchen on December 13, 2019

Every last seat was filled on that evening at Gasthaus Reger in Taufkirchen. Neumayr celebrated the end of an outstanding business year with 130 guests, one week earlier than usual. The early date meant that all of our staff from overseas could join us, as they usually already leave for home a couple of days before Christmas. It’s not just for CEO Walter Gürtner and authorized signatories Gerhard Wagner, Karl Maier, and Rudolf Prex that it’s important to have all the staff gathered together for this evening. Senior boss Willi Gürtner also said a few words to everyone who attended the party, and encouraged the Neumayr family to continue to stick together the way they have.  In his Christmas speech for 2019, Walter Gürtner completely agreed with what his father had said. We can only achieve success if we stick together and work together. This is all the more important in times where the world is going in a different direction. This development in the world, which is degenerating into a dangerous nationalism, is currently threatening the general state of the economy in a way that is scary. Neumayr is trying to fight against this development. We, the CEO promised, will continue on our path and brave every crisis that gets in our way.

Before paying tribute to the staff, the CEO asked the guests to stand for a minute’s silence. Our long-serving employee Werner Pauli couldn’t be with us that evening. Shortly before his more than well-earned retirement, he had had an accident at work and had been in a coma for months. On an evening like this, we look with gratitude at what Werner Pauli achieved for the company in over 40 years.