Inauguration ceremony - St. Georgen plant

On October 13, 2022, the construction of our new production hall in St. Georgen, was officially started with the obligatory ground-breaking ceremony of our now deceased senior boss Willi Gürtner. Six months later, we were able to complete the project on April 28, 2023, with a very ambitious schedule. The entire construction team is to be thanked for their disciplined and on-time approach. For this reason, the construction process was constantly optimized together with the companies involved and our employees. And so we were already able to celebrate the inauguration of the new production hall on April 28, 2023. This new space will give the company further impetus and further equip Neumayr for the tasks ahead.

Authorized signatory Rudolf Prex was the linchpin of this measure and followed the project meticulously. In his opening speech, the plant manager thanked everyone involved and praised the smooth progress of the construction site. We worked well and everyone always had the goal of completion in mind.
Afterwards, local priest Max Weigl blessed the new production and storage hall and wished for an always accident-free and successful work in the new building. For all participants it was a successful celebration and a great recognition of the work done.
We are looking forward to continue the growth of our company with this building and to continue to shape the future with the KW 45 strategy.

Neumayr would like to thank all the companies involved in the construction:
Laumer Massing - general contractor concrete support structure - roof and walls
Laumer CSV Massing - foundation work
Pröckl Arnstorf with their subcontractor Mr. Weiß Willi - roof and wall
Feicht Fuhrunternehmen Dietersburg - excavation and earthworks
Kroll Eggenfelden - heating
Peneder Aschheim - fire protection gate
drilltec Eggenfelden- core drillings
Leitl Peterskirchen- crane work
IGEWA Waldkraiburg - Soil investigation
Hainthaler Bad Birnbach - Working platforms
Efaflex Moosburg - rolling gate
Rothlehner Hebertsfelden - Lightning protection
Landshuter Industrieboden - Floor coating
Abus Gummersbach - Hall crane
GeFo - Bau Johanniskirchen- paving work
Fürstberger - Erber Wurmannsquick- demolition and concrete work