New wide belt sander

for our plant at St. Georgen

The first thing our clients see of our products is the surface. Unlike what we were used to when dealing with aluminum and steel, where the surface is powder-coated or anodized by our premium partners, when it comes to processing wood, the surface is up to us. After a lengthy search, many demonstrations, and much discussion, we bought ourselves a new wide belt sander from market leader Heesemann so that we could get our wood products to shine with high-tech quality. The basis for a perfect surface is for the wood to be sanded perfectly. With a sanding width of 1350 mm and a workpiece thickness of 3 to 200 mm, we can use it to sand whatever our clients desire.  It’s equipped with a longitudinal sanding unit to calibrate the wood thickness, followed by a cross sanding unit, another longitudinal sanding unit with a pressure segment belt system and pressure beam with a computer-controlled selective pressure regulation system (CSD) which controls the selective sanding pressure of the sander in fractions of a second to completely prevent any abrasion of the edges. The rotating disk brush unit DB-S makes it possible to sand boards and facings right down into cutouts and recesses. To get the workpieces out of the machine dust-free, rotating compressed air nozzles blow them clear at the end. With camera tracking at the output, LED workpiece ejection signal, an industrial PC with a 21.5” touch screen, and memory capacity for 1000 different sanding programs, we couldn’t be better equipped to meet the requirements of wood surfaces now and in the future. In turn, it was the Hans Karlsperger company from Oberteisendorf, Germany, that delivered this machine to us and installed it. I, Rudolf Prex, would like to take this moment to thank my colleagues in St. Georgen, particularly Herbert Aigner and Robert Gahr, and the Karlsperger company for their great support in selecting and equipping this machine.