Reinforcement in the project management

Sebastian Kordik completed his bachelor's degree in construction engineering at the Technical University in Deggendorf and has now been back at the company for the last six months. Sebastian successfully completed an apprenticeship as an office clerk with us and then promptly switched to the cost accounting department. He was passionate about the job of an accountant. Nevertheless he wanted more and, in consultation with the management, signed up for the university of applied sciences. In order to be successful as a project manager at Neumayr in the future, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the trades relating to the facade. For this reason, training as a construction engineer for Neumayr is a further step into the future. With Sebastian Kordik, Neumayr already has another piece of the puzzle for the future top management level in the company. Neumayr can be proud of its young, highly motivated, well-trained junior team.