Trainee project "Soapbox"

This year, our apprentices were given a special task on the Junior Day in the fall - a project of their own, which they were to accompany and carry out from A to Z. The apprentices were thrown together wildly. The apprentices were wildly thrown together and divided into 3 groups. The aim of each group was to build a functioning soapbox by 18.11.2022, which would then be tested by our managing director Walter Gürtner. The best soapbox was then awarded a prize. Each group had to organize itself and take care of everything from the design to the procurement of materials and the construction, including the tracking of costs.

The winner was the group with Simon Hinterwinkler, Helena Hupfloher, Julian Fürst and Franziska Pfitzenmaier.

In addition to having fun with the project, the main focus was on getting to know each other and being introduced to project management. A positive side effect is that contacts are already made with the individual departments in the company during the training.

You can look forward to what will follow next year.