Project management


The project manager is there for the client. He’s the person to talk to about whatever questions may come up and he looks after the client until the project is completed. But the client also continues to receive support after the project has ended - this is when the service department takes over. The focus of KW 45 is always on project management. There is always a tug of war between quality, price, and schedule. We’re about the optimum gain for Neumayr and our clients in this regard. Project managers are team players, because we all know that you can’t achieve anything alone.


The technology performs what the client desires. It isn’t the technicians who decide what gets built but the client, the architect, or our project manager. Technology is our forte. That area particularly is where we can create many innovative changes that add value to the project. The better the technology, the better the product.

We manufacture our products ourselves


We manufacture our “Made in Germany” products with our state-of-the-art CNC machinery on a premises of over 10,000 m². Works manager Alex Schwab stands for quality and precision. With doggedness and painstaking precision, he works at measures for improving and optimizing the works at Eggenfelden even further. St. Georgen, with works manager Robert Gahr, has to take over the processes from Eggenfelden as quickly as possible and adopt Alex Schwab’s quality standards. Authorized signatory Rudi Prex supervises and answers for the technology transfer.

High tech assembly

“If you want anything doing, - do it yourself!” We’ll soon reach our goal of having 30 of our own staff on the construction site. If our own staff are performing the assembly, what does that mean? If the costs of assembly are skyrocketing and the quality doesn’t improve by at least the same degree, we have a problem. That’s why there are no hangers-on working for us on the construction site - they’re all champions to the last man who have our products at heart.


Our products are high tech and need a lot of tender loving care, even after purchase. We have a team of five perfectly trained service engineers available to provide this. Service always needs to be guaranteed for a lifetime, whether nationally or internationally. Service also means help with embarking on the next project.

Tech View

In the technical developments (Tech View), we show how we have solved complex problems in our industry. We’re not afraid of anyone who copies us. Every single one of our projects is unique, and in the next project we already take it up another notch. We like comparing notes with other companies and entering into high tech dialogue.