Foundation stone ceremony Mitsubishi Electric in Ratingen

On 3rd September 2014, the foundation stone for the German headquarters of Mitsubishi Electric was establishedin Ratingen in glorious summer weather. “The new building is a good investment in the future,” said Yoji Saito, President of the German branch of Mitsubishi Electric, and emphasized in his opening speech the importance of the German market for the Japanese parent company.

Frank Küper, vice president of the German branch, explained that with this foundation stone of the floor for afurther sustained growth of the German branch is prepared and thus also for security of the future job. UlrichKosche of RS & Partner real estate Ltd, which as the investor of this building, said that it’s a milestone at theBalcke-Dürr-Allee in Ratingen to have a company like Mitsubishi Electric. This will certainly have a very positive impact for the other settlements.

Architect Kresings from Münster presented its architecture in which the encounter of people will be put at the center of planning.

In Neumayr we started the production at the same time of foundation stone ceremony so that 80% of the elements will be finished before the installation begin at mid-November 2014. Compliance with the schedule is a top priorityof Neumayr.