The technical department is the heart of the company. Although it is not the largest department, it is there that Neumayr decides how good it really is.
The most important thing in a company is that the know-how comes from the company itself. For this reason, we will invest an enormous amount of money in our technology over the next few years. Whether it’s IT programs or people, we have to upgrade everywhere and also get young motivated people in technology for the future. The return of Maximilian Lausenmeyer was an important building block. Max is the tower around which younger people gather and which serves as a role model. Michael Mühlbauer has also decided to lead the Hi-Cad team and will receive every support from the management there. Planning from Eggenfelden should remain the trademark for Neumayr!

Maximilian Lausenmeyer

Michael Mühlbauer


We have invested a lot of money in CAD programs and new hardware. All this is standard today. We are now on a par with the competition.
In our future task, we will have to invest considerably more in CAD and above all in our employees.
We can hardly buy these services on the market. There are no specialists on the job market, so we have to train people and pay them so well,
that they do not leave the company after their training.

The training can not only take place in the company, but must also be organised on an inter-company basis. The academy can help!
Maximilian Lausenmeyer is our technical head and drives our high-tech solutions in the office.
Michael Mühlbauer is dedicated to three-dimensional drawing on HI CAD. The task for both of them in the annual target plan is: “Start now!”