The AWS elements go to the rising sun on the journey!

On 01/20/2015 it was time, three oversized wooden boxes with a height of almost 3.8m were sent for our newChina project in an open top sea container on the journey. After painstaking planning and weeks of production, the first 11 pieces SGhung windows of the Schüco AWS 114 SG with sizes of 3500 x 3500mm were careful packed insea chests. These will be sent with a container ship via Hamburg to China and arrive on 03.10.2015 at the building site in Beijing. The Elements will be received and installed by our installer. After this delivery follow 3 more sea containers with ASS 77PD sliding elements and a curved steel façade in mid-February. So our technicians canswiftly complete the construction in KW 45“. This project is succeed with the basic requirement of “KW 45“.