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What we live and breathe at Neumayr is quality all the way to perfection. Know-how grows into quality!

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WE WANT MORE! Take a look at the services we offer at Neumayr High-Tech Fassaden GmbH!

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At Neumayr, the alignment of quality, price, and schedule is what we call “KW45”. Only then can we create facades that are “Made by Neumayr”.

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Facades for tomorrow

High-tech starts in the heads of our engineers and ends with assembly on the construction site. For us, it’s not enough just to be good – we want our clients to be inspired by our new ideas and disciplined work ethic.

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  • Facades


    At Neumayr, the alignment of quality, price, and schedule is what we call “KW45”. Only then can we create facades that are “Made by Neumayr”.

  • Doors and windows

    Doors and windows

    The difference between doors and windows lies in the detail – how are the elements connected to the structure, and what requirements have to be met?

  • Glass roofs

    Glass roofs

    Particular accuracy and the right choice of technology are decisive for achieving impermeable roofs.

  • Exclusive villas

    Exclusive villas

    Our clients’ individual fulfillment is our top priority. We’ll meet the craziest desires and find solutions.

  • Security


    We will protect the health, lives, and property of our clients.

  • GÜWA - Ideen für Tür und Tor

    GÜWA – Ideas for Gates and Doors

    The entrance door plays a particularly prominent role in Asia and the Arab world. Here, GÜWA provides the most exclusive answers.

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Neumayr: An overview

Neumayr isn’t just some run-of-the-mill company. In this family-owned business, tradition and innovation play a special role. We work based on trust and are driven by excellence. The future of our company at its home in Lower Bavaria plays a fundamental role in company policy. Inspiring clients is what drives us.

Bernhard Knödl - Reinforcement of our purchasing department

On March 1st, 2021, Bernhard Knödl came to help strengthen the purchasing and procurement department. 

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After successfully completing his industrial engineering degree, Julian Bachl is now starting as a project manager at Neumayr.

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We, as Neumayr, bow our heads to an employee who held the symbol of Neumayr close to his heart to the very last.

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With Stefan Schmid, a master in metal construction, we have a jewel in production who is as professional as he is passionate about this important area of ​​the company.

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After a lengthy search, many demonstrations, and much discussion, we bought ourselves a new wide belt sander from market leader Heesemann so that we could get our wood products to shine with high-tech quality.

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On September 1, Neumayr greeted five promising trainees who were beginning the new year of training. In his welcoming speech, managing partner Walter Gürtner put the team center stage. 

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