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What we live and breathe at Neumayr is quality all the way to perfection. Know-how grows into quality!

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WE WANT MORE! Take a look at the services we offer at Neumayr High-Tech Fassaden GmbH!

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At Neumayr, the alignment of quality, price, and schedule is what we call “KW45”. Only then can we create facades that are “Made by Neumayr”.

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Facades for tomorrow

High-tech starts in the heads of our engineers and ends with assembly on the construction site. For us, it’s not enough just to be good – we want our clients to be inspired by our new ideas and disciplined work ethic.

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  • Facades


    At Neumayr, the alignment of quality, price, and schedule is what we call “KW45”. Only then can we create facades that are “Made by Neumayr”.

  • Doors and windows

    Doors and windows

    The difference between doors and windows lies in the detail – how are the elements connected to the structure, and what requirements have to be met?

  • Glass roofs

    Glass roofs

    Particular accuracy and the right choice of technology are decisive for achieving impermeable roofs.

  • Exclusive villas

    Exclusive villas

    Our clients’ individual fulfillment is our top priority. We’ll meet the craziest desires and find solutions.

  • Security


    We will protect the health, lives, and property of our clients.

  • GÜWA - Ideen für Tür und Tor

    GÜWA – Ideas for Gates and Doors

    The entrance door plays a particularly prominent role in Asia and the Arab world. Here, GÜWA provides the most exclusive answers.

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Neumayr: An overview

Neumayr isn’t just some run-of-the-mill company. In this family-owned business, tradition and innovation play a special role. We work based on trust and are driven by excellence. The future of our company at its home in Lower Bavaria plays a fundamental role in company policy. Inspiring clients is what drives us.

We were finally able to give the go-ahead for the expansion of production capacity at our St. Georgen plant on 10.10.2022.

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After a break of 2 years, the training fair of the district took place again this Saturday.

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On September 24, 2022, our apprentice Laura Kreuzeder received a great honor.

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90 employees as well as guests celebrated an exuberant party at the Neumayr Hof in Uttlau. Although the weather gods caused the organizers to reschedule at short notice and move the event indoors, this did not affect the mood in any way.

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Champions on tour was the name of the event last Saturday, where we were invited to a joint rafting tour to Kössen. After the bus ride, we strengthened ourselves for the upcoming tour at the Erzherzog Rainer inn with a joint lunch.

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Today we had the pleasure to welcome our 7 new trainees.

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