Neumayr takes over GÜWA Ideas for Gates and Doors in Nagold

Shortly after taking over the Hackenbuchner company, Neumayr buys its next company. While Hackenbuchner was significant for the domestic market and for extending the portfolio to include wood for the German market, GÜWA stands for Neumayr’s strategy for Asia. Front doors are just as important in China as cars are in Germany. With GÜWA, we were able to take over an outstanding door panel manufacturer. But we’re also going to press ahead with the business in door panels made of bronze, copper, aluminum, or gold as a supply business for door manufacturers all over Asia. With Kai Walz, we have been able to cement ties in Nagold with a front door specialist, thus guaranteeing the survival of the legacy of his father, Günther Walz. For Neumayr, GÜWA is the next step toward consolidating the “Neumayr” brand on the Chinese market. In Nagold, they are happy to have found in Neumayr an investor that will uphold the “Made in Germany” label and has been able to keep on almost the entire staff.