Start of the new year of training 2020/2021

On September 1, Neumayr greeted five promising trainees who were beginning the new year of training. In his welcoming speech, managing partner Walter Gürtner put the team center stage. It’s only as a team that you can win the Champions League.

  • Julian Fürst (production)
  • Helena Hupfloher and Jakob Pitscheneder (technical system planners)
  • Vanessa Hartl and Defne Deniz (office management)

The goal is to raise the new trainees to become important pillars of the company over the next 10 years. They need to approach their training with a lot of ambition and discipline even if they don’t yet know where it will lead them. There are going to be major changes in what is required of the employees of tomorrow.

COO Rudolf Prex welcomed the new trainees and wished them most of all enjoyment when tackling their tasks, and hoped they would feel at home in the Neumayr family. Christoph Falterer, who, in addition to his role as Commercial Director at Neumayr, is also in charge of personnel, introduced the new employees to the formalities of the working environment. All staff members will appear on time and will have had enough sleep. The nervousness before starting their new phase of life was therefore kept to a minimum. As the young people had all already completed an internship at Neumayr before, they already knew what to expect. That showed once again how important the internships were.